Visatron VN 115 series

continuously and simultaneously evacuate crankcase atmosphere from each crankcase compartment between two main bearings. The VN 115 and VN 116 series use a header-suction-tube system for this purpose.

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Visatron VN 116 series

as compared to the VN 115 series, is more sensitive because it has an additional differential alarm level. It compares the oil mist concentration from each side of the heeder-suction- tube section and responds if there is a difference, this being a sure sign for an overheating damage in the compartment group with the higher opacity.

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Visatron VN 215 series

operates in the same way as the VN 116 series as far as the tripping of an alarm is concerned, however, it is able to additionally indicate the suction point with the highest opacity and thus the compartment in which the overheating damage has occurred.

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