Driving air conditioning kit. Part no. 272213

In case of a non optimal driving air quality to the oil mist detector, the driving air conditioning kit (P/n: 272213) may help you getting rid of failing measuring heads, being activated eg. by failure LED no. 14- negative pressure/ airflow too low. The water seperator device eliminate the risk of water making technicial problems inside the pressure reducer, measuring head and the ejector pump. The system are expesially made to rise up the air quality to a high stabile level.


  • For longer lasting fresh air filter/ scavenging air filter (P/n: 10042) lifetime
  • Makes independ of onboard air quality
  • Automatic de- oiling/ watering system as option

Technical overview/description of device:

1. Flexible tube for connection to inlet compressed air
2. Draining for water/ oil
3. Protection cover. P/n: 10753**
4. Connection pipe between separator unit and pressure reducer. P/n: 10001
5. Separator device   
6. Pressure reducer. P/n: 10001**

**  The driving air conditioning kit requires protection cover (P/N: 10753)
and pressure reducer (P/n: 10001) for installation!   

Part no: Product: Other information:
272213 Driving Air Conditioning Kit Complete kit including point no.: 1,2, 4 & 5
10753 Protection cover The driving air conditioning kit requires protection cover for installation.
10001 Pressure reducer The driving air conditioning kit requires pressure reducer for installation.

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