Syphon block for VN180, VN 115 & VN 116 series. Part no. 10013

Not all engines allow installations where the main tube have recommended 2- 4 % angel. The reason why we recommend the 2- 4 % angel on the main tube is based that collected oil inside the tubing system are drained back to the crank case. The syphon blocks are specially made for oil mist detector installations where the main tubes are installed in horizontal position. The syphon blocks are designed to let the oil mist go through the pipe system and let the oil and oil droplets be drained back to the crank case. The design makes the installation of pipes quick and easy.


  • Easy installation
  • No need for main pipes system with 2- 4 % angel
  • Easy to maintenance

Difference between VN  215 & VN 115/ VN 116 installation:


1 Syphon block VN 180 Part no.: 10013
2 Rubber insert for syphon block VN180 Part no.: 10095
3 Mounting plate for syphon block VN180 Part no. 10089
4 O- ring for siphon block VN 115 & VN 116 Part no.: 365287
5 Plug for siphon block VN 180 Part no.:  340375


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