Recommended maintenance Schedule

This recommended maintenance schedule is valid for Oil Mist Detector model:

VN 115/87 VN 115/87 EMC VN 115/87plus VN 115/93
VN 116/87 VN 116/87 EMC VN 116/87plus VN 116/93
VN 215/87 VN 215/87EMC VN 215/87plus VN 215/93

The recommended routine maintenance schedule has to be followed as described below. Valid for gas operation with TPS turbo charger, stationary power plant application and marine engines.

NOTE: All maintenance steps should be performed while engine is stopped!

 What to do:Period:

Procedure 1

  • Check the negative pressure with u- tube manometer. Adjust if necessary! Setting level is 60,00 mmH2O!
  • Replace the sintered bronze air filter/ fresh air filter (part no. 10042) in the measuring head.
  • Clean the fresh air bores in the measuring head. Use the cleaning needle (part no. 10135)
  • Clean both infra red sensor glasses in the measuring head with cotton pins and technical alcohol.
Every month

Procedure 2

  • Replace sintered bronze filter and o- ring in the pressure regulator
Every 4 months

Procedure 3

  • Replace complete service kit on OMD. Clean the inside/ outside of base plate.
  • Check performance of pressure regulator- replace parts if necessary!
  • Clean suction pipes/ pipe system and siphon blocks with compressed air!

Procedure 4

  • Replace measuring head by spare unit.Use our Exchange Pool Service (ExP) for this procedure!
Every 4 years




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