Error 14

- Negative pressure/ airflow too low!

Step 1

Turn off the pressure regulator... remove the plug at the inspection cover... install the u- tube manometer...
turn up the pressure until it reaches 60 mm WC...

The LED 14 will stop blinking, and the OMD will go back to “ready” mode.

Step 2

Open the inspection cover... replace the scavenging air filter’s (P/n.:10042) and fresh air restrictor’s (P/n.:10992)... close the inspection cover

Step 3

Open the inspection cover... use the cotton stick (P/n.:10036) and clean the open fresh air bores on the left and right side... close the inspection cover

Step 4

Remove the measuring head... check the gasket for measuring head (P/n.:10969). If damaged, replace the gasket... check the flexible bellows (P/n.:10023) If damaged, replace the flexible bellows
check the flexible bellow for fresh air (P/n.:10975) - replace if necessary!

Step 5

Disconnect the ejector input... clean the unit with clean spray for OMD... reinstall the ejector input

Step 6

Disconnect the ejector output... clean the unit with clean spray for OMD... reinstall the ejector output

Step 7

Replace the measuring head with an exchange unit!

Necessary parts used in the fault locating procedure:

Step 1: Digital u- tube manometer 100138 Checking negative pressure
Step 1: Standard u- tube manometer 10046 Checking negative pressure
Step 2: Scavenging air filter/ Fresh air filter 10042 Replacement of filters
Step 2: Fresh air restrictor 10992 Replacement of filters
Step 3: Cotton stick 10036 Cleaning of the fresh air bores
Step 4: Gasket for measuring head 10969 Replacement of gaskets
Step 4: Flexible bellow 10023 Replacement of gaskets
Step 5 & 6: Flexible bellow for fresh air 10975 Replacement of gaskets
Step 7: Exchange measuring head See under ** Replacing of measuring head


**Please check your model description for correct part number under “SPARE PARTS”!

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